5 potato dishes in Kansas City to keep you warm

We're sweet on Danny Edwards.

We’re sweet on Danny Edwards.

As winter arrives in Kansas City, we figured it might be time for a game of hot potato. And in our version, you eat hot potatoes and forget, for a little while, how cold it can get in KC. Here are five potato dishes around the metro that will keep your belly full and warm.

5. The Gen Dare at Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant It’s hashbrowns on a cheeseburger, which we might as well start calling ‘Midwest brunch.’ Delivered by model train, this unique burger is one that should be available at more places than just Fritz’s.

4. Irish potato soup at Browne’s Irish Marketplace (3300 Pennsylvania) — Creamy and rich, it’s almost like eating a mashed potato soup. If you’re preparing for the Polar Plunge, just go ahead and add on a Reuben.

3. Patatas Bravas at La BodegaWarm, spicy and exactly what you want with a glass of wine or beer. Think of it as fancy fries and ketchup — rough cut potatoes with a peppery tomato sauce.

2. Sweet Potato Fries at Danny Edwards BLVD Barbecue (2900 Southwest Boulevard) — Opt for the salt and pepper dusting (you can also get them with a seasoning mix or naked) on the hand-cut fries and then get ready to dredge them in Danny Edwards sweet baked beans.

1. Vegetarian Sambusa at Mesob Pikliz (3405 Independence Avenue) — This Northeast restaurant makes killer sambusas — pastry dough triangles stuffed with cabbage, carrots, lentils and potatoes. This a great spot for couples that have one carnivore and one vegetarian. [A reader wrote in to tell us that Mesob Pikliz has closed, but might return. We’ll follow up and see what the word is…UPDATE: Mesob Pikliz will reopen as Mesob Restaurant at 3600 Broadway].

1. Potato pizza at Pizzabella It’s creamy and cheesy and has the benefit of radicchio, which means you can call it salad rather than just pizza. The greens are joined by gorgonzola, fingerling potatoes and balsamic for a bright slice of luxury.

Jonathan Bender

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