5 slices of cake in KC that are forking amazing

The rainbow cake at Succotash really is this big.

The rainbow cake at Succotash really is this big.

5. Gooey Butter CakeBest Regards Bakery & Cafe (6759 W 119th Street, Overland Park). This one is for the kids that would grab a stick a butter and hide in the closet, hoping they got in a few bites before their mom realized the butter was gone from the fridge. While technically a powder-sugar-dusted square, not a slice, this is some homespun decadence.

4. Lemon Cake — Cafe Europa (323 E 55th Street). It’s edible yellow. Two layers of lemon cake are sandwiched around a center of lemon cream-cheese filling. They use a lemon glaze as the icing and that’s the kicker. The deft touch of lemon is a nice counterpoint to the cake’s sweetness. You’ll most likely free this one from its plastic takeout container confines long before your car is parked in the garage. [Cafe Europa owner and chef Nate Feldmiller will be cooking at our Rye Whiskey & Donuts four-course dinner this Thursday at the Genessee Royale. Come. Maybe you can get the recipe out of him.]

3. Flourless Chocolate Torte — Metuka, The Pastry House (1614 W 39th Street). The cakes come from the hands of Ellen Hume, the former pastry chef and owner of JayWaLe Bakery. And, here on 39th Street, you are in very good hands. Those on a gluten-free diet should seek out the flourless chocolate tortes (straight up or topped with fruit or nuts). It’s worth calling ahead (816-651-1560), as Hume can sell out the case.

2. Chocolate Coffee with Creamy Mocha FrostingEden Alley (707 W 47th Street). Eden Alley gets desserts. They understand you want something that grabs your fork and doesn’t let go. This vegan cake is rich and silky, but you would be hard-pressed to identify the coconut oil and hemp milk that make it so. For those seeking a non-vegan option, The Mighty Mocha is a chocolate coffee cake with chocolate whipped cream and ganache. Go for their $30 Friday Night Date Night special (4 to 9 p.m.), which is a shared appetizer, two entrees and a shared dessert.

1. Rainbow Cake — Succotash (2601 Holmes). This busy brunch spot now has more seating — The Pitch reported last week that they opened a second cash-only dining room. While your children try and decide what color to eat first, take the advantage to shovel in forkfuls like a bulldozer operator gone mad. The light blue icing is sweet without being cloying and the cake is remarkably moist for a slice that is the size of Cleveland. A single slice is enough for the entire table and a bargain at $6.50.

Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender is the founder of The Recommended Daily.

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