75th Street Brewery to tap Chad Crawford’s Silent Partner Stout Friday

silentpartnerstout-013014The first time Chad Crawford brewed beer, he made five gallons of a sweet stout. The second time he fired up a kettle, he managed to make 370 gallons of the stuff.

Crawford, 26, was the winner of 75th Street Brewery’s (520 W. 75th St.) homebrew contest, turning five gallons of wort from the Waldo brewpub into his Silent Partner Stout which will be on tap Friday.

“It was the first beer I’ve ever brewed. I just made the kind of beer that I like to drink,” Crawford says. “I wasn’t expecting to place. I was just hoping to having 58 bottles of beer that weren’t terrible.”

Crawford named his stout for those who gave him advice: Logan Beets and Tyler Landes, the two friends that entered him in the contest and helped with his first brew day, the staff at homebrew supply shop Bacchus & Barleycorn, where he picked up his grain, and his uncle, Steve Holle, who is set to open the Kansas City Bier Company in the near future.

“It’s a sweet stout brewed with lactose and cocoa nibs,” Crawford says of the Silent Partner Stout. “It tasted smooth and creamy, and it has a little bit of a coffee-like burnt toast flavor that I enjoy drinking in the winter.”

Crawford spent a day as an assistant brewer with 75th Street’s brewer Pat Sandman earlier this month. While his five-gallon batch used 16 ounces of lactose (milk sugar that adds sweetness and body to a beer), the larger run needed 90 pounds. Crawford is looking forward to trying his first brew on tap, but isn’t sure what he’ll do for a follow up.

“I’ve considered retiring with a perfect record, but I feel like it would be a waste to not use all the things I’ve learned,” Crawford says.

[Image via Facebook: 75th Street Brewery]

Jonathan Bender

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