A tour of the food at Ikea in Merriam [in photos]

The lingonberry juice boxes in Ikea's cafeteria.

The lingonberry juice boxes in Ikea’s cafeteria.

Merriam is about to get a new Swedish restaurant. Ikea opens Wednesday, September 10, at 9 a.m. And in the midst of the 359,000 square foot furniture store, there are a slew of seafood and dining options. We decided to attend the press preview yesterday and walk through the food aisles.

There are three ways to eat your way across Ikea. The first is the dining room, where vittles (ranging from baby back ribs to cucumber salad) and drinks are served cafeteria-style amid gleaming white walls and modular furniture. The restaurant also offers breakfast daily (beginning 30 minutes before opening) with scrambled eggs, bacon and potatoes for 99 cents. Shoppers get two more bites at the lingonberry on their way to the checkout on the first floor. There’s a Swedish Food Market and, what Ikea terms, the Exit Bistro (by the checkout) with hot dogs (50 cents), cinnamon rolls and soft serve ice cream.

They’ve got a host of food giveaways on September 12, two days after they open the doors. The first 40 adults (one per family) will be given a monthly meatball meal for a family of four at the Ikea restaurant, the next 40 get a tote bag and the chance to fill it up with items from the Swedish Food Market, while the first 100 kids (17 and undr) get a free soft-serve ice cream. Until then, here’s a look at the food universe inside the Swedish retailer.


The rotating menu in front of the dining room on the second floor. Ikea will serve you up everything (with posted calorie counts) from baby back ribs to their Swedish meatballs.


Swedish crisps, which come in rounds the size of a dinner plate, and are sold at the first floor food market.


Ikea’s Swedish meatballs are the best known product in their store and cafeteria.


A center aisle with glassware and the line (in the background) where the hot and cold food will be served.


Red cabbage salad dressed with lingonberry juice and apple cider.


The dining room, which seats 450 people, is on the second floor just to the left of the central stairs.


Ikea’s apple cake, which has spawned a multitude of clone recipes on the Internet.


The ‘Princess Birthday Cake’ at Ikea — a marzipan-coated sponge cake filled with vanilla cream and raspberry jam.


You can now have Kakor Choklad with your morning coffee.


The condiments of Ikea are where your taste buds may take a flier from mild mustard to fried onions to horseradish sauce (just begging to be be put on a pork tenderloin sandwich).

Salmon spread and anchovy tins are in the refrigerated case at the Swedish food market.


Just like the furniture, this frozen pizza comes in pieces.


You have a lot of choices of creamed smoked roe. Never accept anything other than Kalles’ original creamed smoked roe.


Lingonberry concentrate could give Nordic flair to your cocktails.


The cream cakes and cinnamon rolls in the market’s frozen foods section.


The meatballs are available for the play-it-at-home version.

Jonathan Bender

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