Bread! KC returns this Sunday at Farm to Market

It's dinner with a side of social change.

It’s dinner with a side of social change.

A little bit of conversation and a good dinner can change our world. That’s the basic principles underlying Bread! KC, a series of micro-financing events for artists, that kicks off its fourth year with a dinner on Sunday, March 9, at 5 p.m.

“It’s a collaborative way to bring people together. We’re using the arts as a tool for community building,” organizer Sean Starowitz says.

He works with Erin Olm-Shipman and Andrew Erdrich to identify a space and select three applicants who are attempting to create a dialogue about community. Attendees come to that space — in this case the Farm to Market Bread Company (100 E. 20th St.) — and eat dinner. They hear three presentations from applicants seeking a grant funded by the dinner itself. Dessert arrives. The attendees vote (each person gets a ballot to cast for their favorite) and one of the presenters receives the grant.

Presenters take the stage between dinner and dessert.

Presenters take the stage between dinner and dessert.

At this event, the Pendleton Heights community garden is looking to build a social space adjacent to the garden where they can create programs for the neighborhood, a group of Kansas University architecture students are hoping to fund a better block program in order to reimagine a city block in Lawrence for a day, and the KC Seed Savers are hoping to build out their seed library.

“I’m really excited about radical community projects. These all interesting projects that are going to happen in their own ways,” Starowitz says.

For this dinner, Bread! KC is partnering with Door to Door Organics, Howard’s Organic Fare and Vegetable Patch [Full disclosure: I’m a member], and Uncommon Stock’s Todd Schulte.

“We’ve been chatting with these guys for a few years,” Schulte says. “I think they’ve got a really neat thing going and I’m just happy to help it.”

In the past four years, Bread! KC has awarded more than $15,500 in grants to 16 artists and organizations. Tickets are $10 (although you’re free to donate more for the grantees).

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