Brioche barbecue pork buns are a collaboration that should return

The barbecue brioche pork buns were pig-riffic.

The barbecue brioche pork buns were pig-riffic.

Alison Reed walked slowly across the patio outside Black Dog Coffeehouse on Sunday morning, an aluminum pan filled with a dozen brioche barbecue pork buns in her hands. And like in some modern pork-laden fairytale, folks just couldn’t help but follow her to the Smokin’ Fresh Streetside BBQ truck.

The barbecue pork buns were a collaboration between Reed, the pastry chef for Ibis Bakery, and Streetside’s Doug and Paula Sayles for the After Crawl Brunch event (between the Saturday and Sunday sessions of the KC Caffeine Crawl) that The Recommended Daily hosted with The Lab yesterday.

Back to the buns. The slight sweetness of the brioche married with the Kansas City-style barbecue that was nestled in a soft pocket at the center of the bun. Around the time that it might have gotten too sweet, the dusting of the coarse salt on top brought it back into balance. The paperweight-sized buns hit the right notes of savory and sweet as befitting brunch.

Right now, this was a one-time collaboration. But maybe if we clap our hands, another pork bun could get its wings.

Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender is the founder of The Recommended Daily.

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