Burger King about to start delivering in KC?

burgerking-050514Now you can really wake up with the King. Burger King, which has been testing home delivery since 2012, appears to be poised to start bringing Whoppers to your door here in Kansas City.

The above ad seeking drivers for the location at 3441 Main Street is currently on Craigslist. Burger King offers home delivery in nine states. And while they promise packaging that keeps your fries hot and your lettuce cool, the prospect of fast food delivery is a strange one (although likely a response to Chipotle’s catering arm and Jimmy John’s army of hatchbacks).

The beauty of fast food is that there’s no buyer’s remorse. By the time you’ve thought about whether you really want those chicken tenders, you’re either idling between two cars in the drive-through lane or your food is already on the tray in front of you. Placing a delivery order — Burger King strives to bring you your food in 40 minutes or less — feels somehow more deliberate than the impulse turn away from your commute for a Croissan’Wich. Perhaps this is just the next link in the chain toward the future portrayed inĀ Demolition Man.

We’ve got a call into Burger King seeking more details.

Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender is the founder of The Recommended Daily.

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