Chef Celina Tio is turning Collection into an event space

collection-050815A little over two years after opening Collection as a restaurant, chef Celina Tio is making the decision to turn it into an event space.

“People have been coming to The Belfry and wanting to hold a large happy hour or book a big event at Julian [Tio’s restaurant in Brookside],” Tio says. “After numerous calls like that, I realized that Julian and Collection can work together.”

Collection was originally only open from Thursday through Sunday as Tio envisioned holding corporate or themed dinners in addition to regular service. Now, she’s decided to focus solely on events in the space at 1532 Grand Boulevard.

“Collection has always been a place where I can hold bigger wine or beer dinners,” Tio says.

The new fried cauliflower dish at The Belfry.

The new fried cauliflower dish at The Belfry.

The Belfry (the entrance is on 16th Street), the adjacent lounge and bar, will still serve coffee, cocktails, bar snacks and food. Tio will also continue to develop new menu items for The Belfry like the fried cauliflower with chermoula, golden raisins and pistachios, and chicken wings with a sweet sherry and green onion glaze.

“People have always been able to eat at The Belfry. You could have a three-course meal. I can just do more,” Tio says.

The Belfry opens at 10 a.m. Monday through Saturday. Tio hosts a bottle share the first Wednesday of every month.

Jonathan Bender

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