Crane Brewing launches crowdfunding campaign ahead of opening later this year


It takes a lot of capital to get a brewery in flight. Case in point, Crane Brewing Company, slated to open later this year in Raytown, has launched a crowdfunding campaign today to try and raise $40,000 to help cover the costs of packaging and containers. We exchanged e-mails with Chris Meyers, vice president and co-owner of Crane Brewing, to find out what they’ve got planned for Raytown and the Kansas City area.

1. What’s the latest with the brewery? We are working full steam on construction. The contractors are pushing through to get the building plumbed, wired, and prepped for when the equipment arrives. We also have a fun announcement coming soon, everyone should leave their calendar open for September 5th.

2. What’s the goal of this crowdfunding effort? This will be our last fundraiser prior to opening. Our goal is to meet our needs for packaging items(kegs, bottles, labels), barrels and other aging containers, and some testing supplies. We will be starting our brewery making clean beers as well as beers fermented with bacteria and wild yeast. It is very important that we have the necessary tools to avoid unwanted contamination.

Doing a crowd funding campaign allows us to involve the public. It also allows us to offer really cool limited rewards and special events that we may only attempt this one time. We hope that they are appealing and that we can meet our goal in this way.

3. What beers are you playing around with right now or are you excited to begin brewing again? Right now, we have been using our pilot system, focusing on perfecting the five beers we plan to launch with [Beet Weiss, Tea Weiss, Farmhouse IPA, Saison & Grapefruit Gose]. We are very excited for our new custom system to be installed in May. We will have to dial-in our methods on the new system, but I have faith we will  hit our standards and be building inventory for our launch pretty quickly.

4. What’s a beer you have had recently that you really enjoyed and why? Of ours? I have been sitting on a few Saisons infused with Full-Steam black tea from Hugo Tea Company that was then refermented with Brettanomyces. Opened one last night….Yum.

5. How do you see Crane Brewing fitting into the KC beer landscape, in light of the recent explosion of local craft breweries? God, I love KC. Let me start with that. I was born in Kansas City, and grew up in the metro. When people drink our beers, I want them to recognize the creativity and passion, that this city fuels. I want people to always be excited for new, interesting beers from us that meet the level of quality that they have come to expect. In general, we felt there are styles of beers that weren’t being  represented locally. We hope to continue filling that gap to complete the Kansas City beer scene.

I want to build and strengthen this growing beer family. From when I first started researching opening a brewery until where we are today,  I can’t say enough how grateful I am for the support I have received from fellow owners and brewers. I hope that we can return the kind of friendship given to us.

[Images via Facebook: Crane Brewing]

Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender is the founder of The Recommended Daily.

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