Farmland wants to build your likeness out of bacon

The clubhouse is virtual, but it's 'One Nation United by Bacon.'

The clubhouse is virtual, but it’s ‘One Nation United by Bacon.’

Bacon lovers have their own clubhouse. Farmland, a Smithfield-Farmland brand which is headquartered in Kansas City, launched its Farmland Bacon Club last week. Think of it as a cross between Pinterest and Bacon Lovers Anonymous — it’s recipes, contests, and trivia all centered around the strips of pork that are what America runs on (sorry, Dunkin’ Donuts). As the site’s manifesto explains, “we believe in life, love and bacon,” and “we are all brothers in bacon.”

Membership is free, outside of your e-mail address or Facebook profile, and lets you check out bacon-centric events, pork-themed videos and cooking tips. Lest you think a site devoted to bacon was over the top, Farmland isn’t stopping there. They intend to build someone’s head out of bacon. Those who sign up for the site by June 15 are eligible to win a “life-sized bacon bust,” and bacon for a year. The two are separate prizes — although we have to think it would take a while to eat one’s likeness made out of bacon.

Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender is the founder of The Recommended Daily.

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