Kansas City is the third least expensive city for beer drinkers

kansas-city-expensive-beer-chart-030714However many six-packs you’re buying, it’s not enough. Nerd Wallet has produced a new list deeming Kansas City the third least expensive city for beer drinkers in the country. According to its chart, the average Kansas Citian could buy 3,683 six-packs of Heineken per year.

Nerd Wallet had a relatively straightforward methodology in the survey of 48 cities. They looked at the cost of a six-pack of Heineken ($8.22) with regard to the median income in a city ($30,273). They then added on the state beer tax (bonus: at six cents per gallon, Missouri and Wisconsin have the lowest taxes on beer in the country) and the average beer consumption (Missourians also consume the most beer annually with 41 gallons going down our gullets). Washington D.C. is surprisingly the least expensive city for beer drinkers and Chicago is the most expensive city.

Please note, that The Recommended Daily is not suggesting that you buy 3,683 six-packs of Heineken. You should buy Heineken in mini kegs or not at all.

[Image via Nerd Wallet]

Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender is the founder of The Recommended Daily.

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