Magnolia’s Contemporary Southern Bistro is closed, but it will return in a new location

Chef Shanita McAfee is looking for a new home for Magnolia's.

Chef Shanita McAfee is looking for a new home for Magnolia’s.

Magnolia’s Contemporary Southern Bistro has closed, but owner and executive chef Shanita McAfee wants to make it clear to her regulars and Kansas City that she will reopen. It will just be in a location other than 2932 Cherry Street.

“We hate that we had to close, but our kitchen just wasn’t working,” McAfee says. “We’re in negotiations for a space, but it’s not quite ready yet.”

After launching a successful catering and personal chef business, McAfee [read her story here] opened her restaurant in April 2012. The popularity of her red velvet waffles, shrimp and grits, and modern takes on Southern comfort food has long outpaced the tiny kitchen in the back of that space. McAfee has been looking for a new location since last June and is currently considering several spots.

She’s also working on a line of products for retail sale. She plans to bottle her peach sweet tea and is developing mixes for her red velvet waffles and cornbread. She’s hoping they’ll be ready for stores in the next couple of months. In the interim, she’s still working on finding a new home for Magnolia’s.

“If we could be open next month, I would,” McAfee says.

Jonathan Bender

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