Oddly Correct is one of Eater’s ’38 Essential Coffee Shops Across America’

It should be noted that Hop Toddy -- Oddly's bottled toddy -- is back.

It should be noted that Hop Toddy — Oddly’s bottled toddy — is back.

Oddly Correct (3940 Main Street) will now be the Midwest destination for touring javanauts. Eater tapped Oddly for its list of the ‘38 Essential Coffee Shops Across America.‘ Here’s what Eater had to say about the Kansas City coffee shop:

Michael Gillispie, senior managing partner at Cup and Brew: “Oddly Correct sources top quality coffee beans from various parts of the world; this is not your average Arabica. Each variety has its own unique taste and mouthfeel that is brought out through the staff’s superb roasting techniques. If you’re used to ordering mocha or adding a lot of foo-foo to your drink, then Oddly Correct is NOT for you. No sugar or creamer is available here and that is a good thing.” Also adorable to note they deliver fresh coffee of the week to subscribers via bicycle inside their hometown of Kansas City.

For those who need a splash of milk, you might consider asking — Oddly has stashed Shatto milk under the counter and uses whole milk in its espresso drinks. Also worthy of note, Hop Toddy — the cold-brewed, bump-your-shoulders-strong brew — is back in brown bottles.

Oddly was the only coffee shop in Kansas or Missouri named to the list. It’s been a good spring for Gregory Kolsto’s coffee spot — Epicurious had them on a list of ‘America’s 25 Best Coffee Shops,‘ in February. PT’s Coffee Roasting Co., out of Topeka, (which earlier this year took over the Crossroads Coffeehouse), also got some national love when it was named to The Daily Meal’s ‘America’s 50 Best Coffee Shops,’ last month.

Oddly Correct is open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Jonathan Bender

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