Orange Box has been reborn on Linwood

Welsch re-opened the Orange Box this week.

Welsch re-opened the Orange Box this week.

Orange Box (240 East Linwood) is back. Chef Scott Welsch’s spin on comfort food has returned in the former Jericho Cafe space across from Costco. [The Pitch broke the news last week.]

“I loved the old neighborhood, but I just needed a break,” Welsch says. “It’s the same basic concept, good, simple, honest home-cooked food.”

Welsch, who ran Cuisine Catering out of his previous location at 2700 Jarboe for 12 years, closed the original Orange Box after 18 months. The new restaurant has five daily offerings (pork tenderloin, fish taco, buffalo chicken sandwich, pulled pork or a French Dip) for $8 with a side (French fries, onion rings, baked potato salad or mac and cheese salad) included. Soft drinks are $1.50. Welsch also intends to feature a daily special based on the weather or what’s in season.

“We’ll offer a creamy tomato basil soup with a grilled cheese sandwich made with gruyere and English Cheddar because of the artic vortex we’re having,” Welsch says of the special for today.


Orange Box is now at the site of the former Jericho Cafe.

The restaurant currently seats 10 people, but Welsch has plans to add stools at the order counter, as well as a shelf along the front window where customers could stand and eat. When the weather gets warmer, he will put picnic tables on the grassy strip adjacent to the restaurant and likely extend Orange Box’s hours.

“I’ve been watching this place for years. I know it’s a challenging location, but I think it’s a good one,” Welsch says.

Orange Box is open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday and Welsch is still running his catering business.

“The other day we had 25 people from the old place come in and say ‘Oh my god, we’re so glad you’re open.’,” Welsch says. “Sometimes it’s not about the food. It’s like old friends coming back to see you.”

Jonathan Bender

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