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The chicken parm at Marco Polo’s, a sign at the site of the former JJ’s points the way to the new restaurant, and an unboxing of Fervere’s box bread.

Today, you eat with your eyes. The Recommended Daily documents our eats and interviews on Instagram (@recommendeddaily), and we’re looking forward to having more food conversations with you there.

Not every story makes it on to this site. Some are just quick mentions via social media. Others are best told in the moments before we take a bite. So we thought we’d give you some food inspiration and a quick look at our recent stops on Instagram.

instagram2-121014There are four kittens and two baby calves behind the white door at the Shatto Milk Company in Osborn, Missouri. We somehow always end up with the flight at the Kansas City Bier Company. If you do too, make sure to order the Festbier that is currently on tap. And McLain’s Bakery has figured out hand-held breakfasts with their croissants.

instagram3-121014You just have to give them money. And then they give you a crackling pile of brisket wrapped in brown butcher paper at Arthur Bryant’s. The crust similarly crackles at Pizza 51. If you are at Ramen Bowls in Lawrence, be sure to request kimchi on your cold somen noodle salad.

instagram4-121014It’s classic Chinese cuisine (and astrological placemats) at the Dragon Inn in Overland Park and a killer craft beer selection and pinball at the 403 Club in Kansas City, Kansas. The early coffee drinker gets the donut at One More Cup in Waldo.

Come see us on Instagram. And eat well.

Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender is the founder of The Recommended Daily.

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