Tallgrass is planning a $5 million brewery expansion


Get ready for more beer in cans. Tallgrass Brewing Company, which is currently building out a brewpub in downtown Manhattan, is set to embark on a $5 million brewery plant expansion.

The brewery is planning to purchase a former Verizon call center at 5960 Technology Circle, not far from the Manhattan Regional Airport. The Kansas State Collegian reported that the Manhattan City Commission approved the brewery’s rezoning request for the 60,000 square foot building at a meeting held Tuesday night. The Neenan Company, based out of Fort Collins, Colorado, will be overseeing the brewery conversion.

Tallgrass’ new facility, expected to open late this year, will be capable of producing at least 100,000 barrels of beer. In 2013, Tallgrass brewed more than 16,000 barrels. The new brewery would also be geared toward hosting more beer tourists, building on the Second Saturday tours at its current site.

Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender is the founder of The Recommended Daily.

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