The five places to snag a mystery beer in Kansas City

The $2 paper bag special at Barrel 31.

The $2 paper bag special at Barrel 31.

Miller would have you believe that ‘Fortune favors the bold.‘ The truth is that occasionally Lady Luck hooks you up with a Fat Tire, but most of the time she’s giving you the Hamm’s.

Still, if you feel lucky, there are plenty of opportunities to roll the dice with your nightly beer around town. Here are five places to take on a chance on a mystery beer in Kansas City. May the odds be ever in your favor.

5. Mystery Bottle — Harry’s Bar & Tables (501 Westport Road). Regardless of the time of year, this beer is seemingly always Boulevard’s Irish Ale. The brew changes, as does the cost (like seafood, it’s labeled market price), but you hop-fueled adrenaline junkies can get your fix on a fine patio.

4. The Paper Bag Special — Barrel 31 (400 E 31st Street). You’re in the bartender’s hands at this whiskey-centric Martini Corner joint. Ask for the ‘paper bag special,’ and you’ll get a canned beer hidden in a brown paper bag. It’s a $2 bet.

3. Dealer’s Choice — The Belfry (1532 Grand Boulevard, entrance on 16th Street). They’ve got a list of the beers in play for the Dealer’s Choice. Plunk down your $3 and keep your fingers crossed at the beer bar and coffee shop next to Celina Tio’s Collection.

2. Mystery Beer — Hi-Dive Lounge (1411 W 39th Street). They’ve got an actual beer vending machine inside the 39th Street bar. And the $2.50 mystery beer is like pulling the slots if the slot machines produced Old Style, PBR or Stag.

1. Mystery Six-Pack — Bridger’s Bottle Shop (510 Westport Road). The bar and bottle shop warns you that you’re buying the six-pack in paper bags at ‘your own risk.’ But the hand-written missives make it all the more intriguing like the grown-up version of the treasure map in Goonies.

[Photo by Jake Jacobson]

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