The food Tweets of Missouri and Kansas

Check your Twitter feed. It's probably about breakfast.

Check your Twitter feed. It’s probably about breakfast.

Twitter, at times, can feel like one collective tummy rumble. We take food pictures, ask for lunch advice and use this social media platform [for the purposes of this discussion, we will all accept that Instagram is our way of sharing food and drink memories, while Twitter is our shared food consciousness] as how to settle what we want to eat.

That’s why researchers at the University of Arizona decided to delve into the “language of food,” on social media. [h/t to] They were looking for what our food missives say about our eating habits and weight, but in the process of examining just under 3.5 million Tweets between October 2013 and May 2014, they learned some weird facts about eaters. For example, the most “distinctive food word,” in Kansas was ‘prune,’ while Missourians were Tweeting about ‘succotash.’

When it comes to what meal we’re thinking about right now (predicted courtesy of our chosen hashtags), the Midwest is breakfast central. The Northeast is focused on brunch (and bottomless mimosas), the South is all about lunch (and words like bean and fried) and the West Coast (with healthy doses of #vegan and #foodporn) has dinner on the brain.

Since Twitter is temporal, we rarely think about what our Tweets collectively say. So, how about it, Kansas City Tw(eat)ers? Are you thinking about succotash and breakfast?

[Image via Flickr: Nana B Agyei]

Jonathan Bender

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