The Local Pig is bringing back Christmas meatballs for Harvesters

121113-local-pigA year ago, we told you The Local Pig wanted to start a new Christmas tradition. And now, in 2014, they’re making good on that idea. Christmas meatballs are back. You buy a box of two dozen meatballs (they check in at just over two pounds and cost $24) and for every box you buy, the Local Pig will donate a box of 24 Italian meatballs to Harvesters.

“We’ve done a one-for-one donation to Harvesters at Christmas time each year we’ve been open,” says the Local Pig’s Alex Pope. “We do many small donations all year, but those are monetary and gift cards. The meatball event is the one that all of our team can actually cook for people that need a meal around the holidays.”

The idea of giving back began with a 2012 collaboration — Pope and Port Fonda’s Patrick Ryan made pork tamales with the buy one-give one idea. This year will feature the same meatballs as last year’s boxes.

“Our Italian meatballs are made with pork, pecorino, fresh rosemary, breadcrumbs and whole eggs from Stanberry Community Farms,” says Pope.

You can order the boxes by e-mailing, at the online store, or by calling the East Bottoms shop (816-200-1639) or the Westport shop (816-531-2337). Boxes will be available for pick-up Thursday, December 18, through Wednesday, December 24, at both locations.

Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender is the founder of The Recommended Daily.

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