The Local Pig is making Christmas meatballs for Harvesters

121113-local-pigThe Local Pig (2618 Guinotte Avenue) wants to start a new Christmas tradition: get a meatball, give a meatball. The East Bottoms butcher is hoping to make 14,000 meatballs before Christmas — 7,000 for the buying public and 7,000 to be donated to Harvesters. Last year, shop owner Alex Pope collaborated with Port Fonda’s Patrick Ryan on buy one-give one pork tamales.

Here’s how it works this Christmas season. Buy two dozen Italian-style meatballs for $24 and the Local Pig will give two dozen meatballs to Harvesters. Think TOMS shoes, but more edible. The meatballs will be available for pick-up between 9 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Friday, December 20, through Monday, December 23. You can order online or by e-mailing [Image via The Local Pig]

Jonathan Bender

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