The Roasterie’s Simeon Bricker took 2nd in the U.S. Latte Art Championships

The foam flowed freely in California this weekend.

The foam flowed freely in California this weekend.

The road to latte art greatness is starting to look like it goes through Kansas City. The Roasterie’s quality control manager Simeon Bricker, the reigning U.S. Latte Art champion, finished second this past weekend in the U.S. Latte Art Championships.

“[I’m] so blessed by all my colleagues and friends in the coffee industry and their passion,” Bricker said in an Instagram post Sunday before the final results were tallied. “This last year has been incredible as the U.S. latte art champ. I owe it all to grace, I wouldn’t be here if it was just up to me. I’m very grateful for the chance. Very excited to see who gets to carry that torch this year.”

The torch will be carried by Angie Chun, of Coffee Code in Grove, California. She won the top spot and will represent the United States at the World Championships in Sweden this June. Last February, Bricker won the inaugural competition and a trip to compete at the global competition held in Australia [Read this Wall Street Journal piece on last year’s win just for the opening line.]

The U.S. championships are put on by the Specialty Coffee Association of America and Barista Guild of America. This year’s competition in Long Beach, California, paced baristas through two rounds with five judges assessing their “foam quality, difficulty of design, ability to reproduce their design and creativity.” In the first round, the competitors produced two identical free pour lattes (you can only use the pitcher) and two identical designer lattes (you can use spoons or etching tools) in six minutes. In the final round (the top six competitors advanced from the first round), they made two more free pours, two additional designer lattes and two macchiatos (half the size of a latte).

[Image via Facebook: Specialty Coffee Association of America]

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