Torn Label Brewing Co.’s beers are on tap at Waldo Pizza

Travis Moore (left) and Rafi Chaudry in the brewhouse at the Torn Label Brewing Company.

Travis Moore (left) and Rafi Chaudry in the brewhouse at the Torn Label Brewing Company.

Torn Label Brewing Company (1708 Campbell), one of a trio of microbreweries in the works in the Crossroads, has an early Christmas present for Kansas City beer drinkers. They’re giving a preview of their brews, prior to an official launch in January, at Waldo Pizza’s Tap Room (7433 Broadway) today.

“This process is full of all kinds of milestones, but this feels like the biggest one yet,” CEO Rafi Chaudry says. “Finally being able to order our own brews at one of Kansas City’s great beer bars is an incredibly rewarding moment.”

The Pitch broke the news over the weekend that the Waldo restaurant will have three of Torn Label’s brews — Alpha Pale Ale (a super hoppy session IPA), Hang’em High IPA and the House Brew (a coffee wheat stout made with Sumatran toddy concentrate from the Thou Mayest) on tap.

“We didn’t want it to be just a coffee centric beer,” COO & Brewmaster Travis Moore says of the House Brew. “We wanted it to maintain some of the character of a wheat stout. And then we went ahead and added oats for a creamy mouth-feel.”

Moore and Chaudry plan to be at Waldo Pizza at 11 a.m. for the tapping of the first keg. Back in October, The Recommended Daily stopped by the brewery to learn about the pair’s plans to bring elements of the West Coast and Chicago to the Kansas City beer scene. They’ll have a small tasting room, but Torn Label’s focus is on production for the KC market.

TLB will have a pair of brews (Quadjillo — a Belgian quadrupel finished with guajillo chiles — and Alpha Pale) on tap for Bier Station’s Best of the Midwest 2: Electric Kegaloo — a celebration of regional brews — this Saturday, December 27.  Bier Station (120 E Gregory Boulevard) will host Torn Label’s official release party at 6 p.m. on Monday, January 5. They’ll have the Alpha Pale, Hang’Em High, House Brew, Quadjillo and Monk & Honey (a take on a Belgian Trappist brew made with honey from Peculiar, Missouri).

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