Urban Provisions opens Friday in the East Bottoms

Kansas City gets a new general store this Friday.

Kansas City gets a new general store this Friday.

The general store is set to get a lot more specific this Friday. That’s when Urban Provisions, a new general store with a focus on durable, American-made goods, opens in the East Bottoms at 2616 Guinotte Avenue.

“We specialize in locally sourced and American versions of everyday products,” co-owner Savannah Northcraft says. “I’m on the cusp of the Millenial generation and I feel like we came of age during a great recession and are looking at a disposable product society and saying, ‘no,’ to it.”

Northcraft — her husband Adam works next door at the Local Pig (2618 Guinotte) — is partnering with Britton Turnbull on her new venture. The two have known each other since they were teenagers.

“We wanted to bring something to Kansas City that wasn’t here. A new concept, but also a tried and true concept,” Northcraft says. “”I’ve lived in Columbus Park for the past 12 years and we have no big box stores. There’s no place to get your laundry detergent and dog food and beans. Our community is really ready for this.”

The shop will stock locally produce accessories and clothing, as well as furniture made by Turnbull, who is also building the shelves for the products this week. Northcraft, who was most recently the guest relations manager for the Boulevard Brewing Company, began working on the idea for Urban Provisions in February after Alex Pope, co-owner of the Local Pig, told her that the space was available.

“They approached me and I said they were crazy. Who leaves a beer factory? But then I realized this is what I’ve been asking and working for my whole adult life,” Northcraft says. “I was a big beer nerd at Boulevard. Now, I’m a big bean nerd.”

Northcraft has assembled a lineup of dry goods — most of which are not currently (or readily) available in Kansas City. There are beans from Rancho Gordo, small mint-size tins (think of them in the same way you might carry a small bottle of hot sauce for some emergency restaurant spice) of hand-harvested salt from the Jacobsen Salt Co., pork clouds (rosemary sea salt, malabar black pepper) from Bacon’s Heir and Brooklyn Delhi’s Garlic Achaar.

“I’m a fried eggs and ramen girl, so the Garlic Achaar is everything you’d want with that — spicy, savory, sweet and sour,” Northcraft says.

When possible, Urban Provisions will focus on local goods with Our Sassy Pantry’s wicked tomato and ancho cherry jam, chocolate bars from Askinosie and whole red wheat flour from Acme Grain in Edgerton, Kansas, in the store when it opens. Northcraft finds new products everywhere from Instagram to local school parking lots. The former on her phone, the later involved meeting the owner of My Neighbor Steve’s, an organic pasta sauce company out of Baldwin City, Kansas.

The red wheat flour from Acme Grain is one of Urban Provisions' fall products.

The red wheat flour from Acme Grain is one of Urban Provisions’ fall products.

She’ll also have fresh produce at Urban Provisions, likely via a farmer from the New Roots for Refugees program (a joint program run by Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas City and Cultivate Kansas City that helps refugees learn to farm and bring their goods to market). And over time, Northcraft wants to add evening classes. Turnbull will teach furniture making, while Northcraft’s contacts in the service industry will conduct lessons on how to make shrubs or bitters at home.

“I want to prove that American made is very accessible,” Northcraft says.

Urban Provisions will be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and 12 to 4 p.m. Sunday.

Jonathan Bender

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