What’s your food or drink ritual to help the Royals win?

An homage to the Royals from Fluffy Fresh.

An homage to the Royals from Fluffy Fresh.

Your foot is cramped. You’ve been in a crouch for the past three innings. The blanket over your legs is way too warm, but you’re not moving it. Welcome to the rituals of fanhood — wherein the outcome of the game hangs on your ability to not move, not shift or alter the universe in any way.

Since we’re all thinking about Game Seven, we figured we might as well share how we’ve been doing our best to keep this magical run going for the Kansas City Royals. The Boys in Blue have been doing it on the field, while you’ve been keeping the faith in the stands, at bars and on couches across the city.

We’ve talked to people that are only drinking local beer, but continue to order the blue cheese fries at Kauffman Stadium (despite not particularly enjoying them). We’ve heard about beer placement and blue cocktails (the Blue Curacao barons must be wondering what is happening in KC) and humans who would set off some sort of hot dog toxicity meter (should such a device exist and let us pray it never makes it way on to Kickstarter).

So, let’s share our joy. Go Royals. What’s been your food or drink ritual while you watch the home team?

Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender is the founder of The Recommended Daily.

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