What’s your go to order at Kauffman Stadium?

eat-at-the-k-101014The average American eats a little over 63 hot dogs a year.* Kansas City Royals fans have put that many hot dogs away in the past two weeks. The Royals return to the K next Monday night and if you won the Internet lottery, you’ll be there. And you’ll be faced with a choice — foot-long bratwurst or souvenir helmet full of brisket-achos?

Actually, you’ll be faced with a lot more choices. The days of just hot dogs and peanuts are long gone. Case in point, Sports Illustrated tabbed the Pulled Pork Mac N’ Jack Sausage as its ‘concession food item of the week.’ The pepperjack sausage, which debuted last year, comes topped with pulled pork, bacon, macaroni and cheese, and the stadium’s own barbecue sauce. It’s available at the Hot Corner Grill, near sections 221 and 410.

The K is now a restaurant with a seasonal menu. Belfonte Ice Cream replaced Sheridan’s Frozen Custard this year. The brisket-acho (a barbecue-nacho fusion made with brisket, cheesy corn and tortilla chips that debuted in 2012 when the All-Star Game was in town) is currently available in a souvenir plastic helmet that could even fit over Barry Bond’s dome (watching helmet-laden couples both enjoy and regret their decision simultaneously is off-the-field theater).

If it’s not peanuts and Cracker Jack, what’s your go to order at the K?

*The National Hot Dog & Sausage Council estimates that 20 billion hot dogs are consumed annually and the 2013 census numbers put the U.S. population at just over 316 million.

Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender is the founder of The Recommended Daily.

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