Where’s the best pizza in Missouri and Kansas?

The Wichita Pizza Co. and Pastaria got the nod with Pastaria's Roman (below) being highlighted by Thrillist.

The Wichita Pizza Co. and Pastaria got the nod with Pastaria’s Roman (below) being highlighted by Thrillist.

Who’s got the slice you crave on either side of State Line? Thrillist came out with A Slice of America: The Best Pizzerias In Every State yesterday. The Wichita Pizza Company earned the Kansas nod for its cheese and toppings (the cream cheese enchilada and chicken carbonara in particular) with a caution “to grab a bib and a fork and knife, because you’re not coming out of here clean.” It’s important to note that WPC also unveiled pasta bowls last year — a pizza crust shaped into a bowl and stuffed full of pasta. In Missouri, Gerard Craft’s Pastaria was tapped for the Roman — bacon, chili, garlic, tomato, mozzarella and pecorino.

It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get into the cheese. Welcome to a good old-fashioned Wednesday pizza debate. Here’s some initial reading material to get you going. Ink called KC’s pizza style a “free for all,” in 2012 and in March 2013, The Pitch covered 58 pizza spots in three days.

In Missouri, those who’ve lived in Columbia might point to Shakespeare’s Pizza, we’ve met our share of Imo’s champions and Il Lazzarone (a new Neoplitan-style shop in St. Joseph’s) has won plenty of converts in just a few short months. As for Kansas, d’Bronx was tabbed for Serious Eats’ 2010 look at The United States of Pizza, Spin would likely be a common suggestion and Papa Keno’s is likely the Kansas equivalent of Imo’s.

So, how about it readers. Who’s got the best pizza pie in Missouri and Kansas?

[Images via Facebook: Wichita Pizza Co., Pastaria]

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  • Reply November 5, 2014


    I know they aren’t thought of as artisan and that they have a wider offering than just pizza, but I’ve always been fond of Minsky’s. I could never get into the IMO’s thing when I lived in St. Louis for a while. The provel cheese is just too fake and Velveeta-like.

  • Reply November 7, 2014

    Jake Elliott

    I’ve always liked d’Bronx, Spin and Grinders

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