Why we’re throwing Knife & Pork on September 27

knifeandpork-082814Hi Kansas City and the Midwest and pork fans across the United Plates of America,

We wanted to take some time to talk about why we’re throwing Knife & Pork with the Local Pig — the Craft Butchery Festival set for Saturday, September 27, in the East Bottoms. This is going to take a little while — so grab coffee, a donut or whatever you need to give us a bit of your attention for a bit longer than we typically ask.

Kansas City has a rich (and growing) food culture, but what we don’t have many signature food events. Knife & Pork is the opportunity to add one of those to the calendar and stake a claim for Kansas City as a center of sustainable pork production. And by sustainable pork production, we mean animals that are ethically raised in a commercially viable setting. This is about economic and ecological sustainability.

This event is the largest that The Recommended Daily will throw this year. And we intend to make it an annual affair. The kind of festival that grows with the city. As part of our celebration of the craft of butchery, we’re flying in butchers from Chicago (Butcher & Larder), Indianapolis (Smoking Goose) and Madison, Wisconsin (Underground Meats). We’ve also assembled a serious list of KC-area chefs (Patrick Ryan, Colby Garrelts, Howard Hanna, Michael Beard, Josh Eans, Jonathan Justus, Michael Foust), who all have demonstrated a clear love of pork. They’ll share that love with you via delicious pork bites and a series of butchery/technique demonstrations held on outdoor stages.

We’re delighted at the initial response, but we can’t make this thing as big as it should be without help. The Tallgrass Brewing Company (they’re giving you three beers with your ticket) signed on immediately as a sponsor as did Feast Magazine and KMBC.com (our media partner for The Recommended Daily). The night will end with a Roast & Toast — a whole pig roast (or two or three pigs) and a two-beer toast brought to you by the Free State Brewing Company. They all share our vision for why this event should be part of the KC landscape.

For the Makers. We believe in people creating things that they love. It’s why we started The Recommended Daily. Good things happen when people are committed and are engaged in the act of bringing that creation to other people. Knife & Pork is a celebration of butchers — men and women who are working in a classic and demanding profession. This is about showcasing a craft and reconnecting people with what they’re eating.

For the Eaters. Kansas City is a great eating town — one where food can often be the central component in an evening. You deserve more opportunities to relish (no pun intended) what the chefs in KC can make. This isn’t about overeating. It’s about recognizing outstanding chefs and giving you knowledge while (okay, slightly over)filling your belly.

For the Love of Pork. Before Knife & Pork existed, pigs were already taking center stage in KC. There’s Baconfest this Saturday at Union Station and the American Royal World Series of Barbecue kicks off Friday, October 3. We are known as a cow town, but stop and look at a menu the next time you’re out to eat and you’ll realize that Kansas City is fueled by pork. We can and should embrace this reality.

For Sustainability. We’re serious about promoting sustainable agriculture. We partnered with Cultivate Kansas City for our most recent event, On A Stick, and we believe in the mission of Knife & Pork. On a related note,  a successful Knife & Pork is part of what makes The Recommended Daily  sustainable. So if you believe in our mission, please help make that possible.

For Kansas City. We own barbecue and that is a great thing. But we don’t have to stop there. The same Midwest civility that makes us look each other in the eye and say, ‘hello,’ is also the thing that might be keeping us from driving the national discussion. Too many local producers and food artisans see promotion as a form of bragging rather than the price of doing business in a noisy world. We say it’s time we start shouting about the incredible and exploding food scene in Kansas City.

So, we’re asking you to support us and help drive the conversation in Kansas City and beyond. General Admission tickets are $45 ($55 at the door). VIP tickets are $80. And if you’ve read this far, we’ll cover your booking costs. Just enter ‘kansascity’ in the discount code box for $5 off. Tickets are available here. We’ll see you on September 27 and we look forward to toasting with you.

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Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender is the founder of The Recommended Daily.

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