Wood + Salt wants to teach you the art of roasting on Saturday, February 22

Jess (left) and Ben Anthony of Wood + Salt.

Jess (left) and Ben Anthony of Wood + Salt.

Chestnuts are not going to be enough to get you through this winter. What you really want roasting by the fire is beef.

Learn how to select, prepare and season roast beef on Saturday, February 22, at 11 a.m. in the Farm to Table Kitchen at City Market (21 E. 3rd St.). Wood + Salt, a local spice blend company run by Jess and Ben Anthony, is holding the class that will feature their Cascavel Rose blend made with Cascavel chilis, rose hips and mint.

“This is my favorite blend,” Ben says. “It goes really well with meat. I mixed it in with hamburgers when I grill and it really surprised me.”

The cascavel chilis are deveined and deseeded by hand for the blend.

The cascavel chilis are deveined and deseeded by hand for the blend.

The Lawrence-based sister and brother act have been selling their smoked wood chips and finishing salts (the company’s namesakes) at the City Market since August 2013. Wood + Salt uses the market’s commissary for mixing and preparing bottles of merlot-infused Sicilian sea salt, rosemary smoked sea salt and their Off The Hook seafood seasoning (lemongrass, lemon zest, dill, seed and coriander). They offered a class on turkey brining in the market kitchen last November and are looking to launch a regular series to kick-start a dialogue about how and why we season our food.

“We want to be able to meet with people so we can talk about what they’re actually doing,” Jess says.

The Cascavel Rose class will delve into beef production history and the ways in which feed and environment can impact the flavor of beef. Ben will discuss at the science of how brine — and a rub is a dry brine — affects the proteins in meat. In the seminar and tasting, the Anthony siblings will talk about and prepare roast beef, a garnishing sauce and a pair of sides.

The class begins at 11 a.m. and is $25. This session is limited to 16 participants and tickets are still available.

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