Bier Station’s Bier Floats with Foo’s Custard debut Thursday


Foo’s owner Betty Bremser gives a preview of a ‘Bier Float.’

A little dessert with beer never hurt anybody. Bier Station (120 E Gregory Boulevard) is kicking off a new offering on Thursday at 4 p.m. with Bier Floats featuring Foo’s Fabulous Frozen Custard.

“Foo’s is a neighborhood institution and we thought it would be fun to get creative and feature some floats,” Bier Station owner John Couture says. “[Foo’s Fabulous Custard owner] Betty [Bremser] is a great customer and we’re going to have some fun with this.”

The first floats will all have vanilla custard — Couture hopes to add different flavor choices in the future. On the beer side, Couture will likely steer people toward an oatmeal or nitro stout or alcoholic root beer.

“We’ll put together a few recommendations, and definitely have Root Sellers’ Row Hard Root Beer on hand,” Couture says. “But we want to encourage people to use their imaginations.”

Bier Station did a few test runs of the float idea last year and people were drawn to stouts, porters and fruit beers. That response, plus the results of a recent customer survey, convinced him to offer Bier Floats as a dessert option. If Thursday’s event goes well — they’re still playing around with the pour size and glassware — Couture is considering featuring Bier Floats on its menu every Sunday for the rest of the summer.

“Who doesn’t like an ice cream social?” Couture says. “It will be fun to branch out. I could see us maybe trying Ginger Lemon Radler on the weekends. I’m excited to see what people can do with Foo’s custard.”

[Image via Twitter: Bier Station]

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