Boulevard & Cigar City collaborating on Tropical Pale Ale

boulevard-cigarcity-052915Ask a beer geek for a brewery they wish would distribute in Kansas City and it’s a good bet they’d tell you Cigar City Brewing. As such, here’s some sparkling news this morning for fans of the Tampa, Florida brewery.

Boulevard and Cigar City are working together on Collaboration No. 5 — Tropical Pale Ale. — which is slated to be released in September. The idea was born during Boulevard’s rollout in Florida earlier this year.

“We visited several small breweries in Florida and what’s really popular right now is tropical fruit character,” Boulevard’s ambasssador brewer Jeremy Danner says. “A number of them have vessels in the cellars called treatment tanks that circulate the beer through fruit or cocoa nibs at the end of fermentation before packaging.”

Boulevard will create its own version of that process by using a hop strainer to do a version of a hop back (where hop flavor or aroma is added after the brew has come to a boil in the kettle). When it comes time to make Tropical Pale Ale, Danner estimates that the brewery might use as much as 145 pounds of grapefruit. As for the rest of the beer, here’s what he had to say about it in the announcement over on Boulevard’s website.

Combining CCB’s expertise with tropical fruit flavors and Boulevard’s love of pale ales, Collaboration No. 5 – Tropical Pale Ale begins with a base of soft pilsner malt layered with Maris Otter, Munich and caramel malts. Huge late hopping with a blend of Mosaic, Citra, Lemondrop and Azacca lends bright flavors of mango, pear, blueberry and citrus to a pale ale featuring slightly toasted biscuit and caramel/toffee notes.

Infused with freshly sliced grapefruit at the conclusion of the boil, our tropical pale ale is briefly aged on passion fruit and grapefruit at the end of fermentation resulting in a refreshing acidity and tropical fruit flavor and aroma. At 7.3 ABV and 55 IBUs, Collaboration No. 5 – Tropical Pale Ale finishes slightly tart with bright citrus character from dry-hopping with Lemondrop, Azacca and Pacific Jade hops. 

Tropical Pale Ale will be brewed and packaged in Kansas City and will be available in four-packs of 12-ounce bottles and kegs. The decision to put the collaboration beer in bottles other than the traditional 750ml bottles used for the Smokestack Series is an extension of what Boulevard did with The Calling, which was released this spring.

“The 750ml bottles are 100 percent bottle carbonated and we didn’t want to lessen all these awesome tropical fruit and hop flavors and aromas,” Danner says.

Jonathan Bender

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