Kansas City Smokeshack BBQ, The Stack and Greedy Man’s have all closed

Kansas City Smokeshack's burnt ends have left the building.

Kansas City Smokeshack’s burnt ends have left the building.

There’s a little less smoking going on in Kansas City this winter. A trio of barbecue restaurants — Kansas City Smokeshack BBQ, The Stack and Greedy Man’s — have all recently closed.

The Pitch broke the news that the Kansas City Smokeshack BBQ (900 Swift Avenue) has closed in North Kansas City. Glenn Yeager, and his son Josh, opened the shop in April of last year. They were using a rub that Yeager said went back to the days of his great-great grandfather, who raised cattle in Sedalia more than 150 years ago. The barbecue joint served smokey macaroni and cheese and were willing to give you triple meat on a sandwich. KC Smokeshack shared the building with the Big Rip Brewing Company, which will celebrate its first anniversary this spring.

The Kansas City Star was the first to note that The Stack BBQ (8920 Wornall Road) had closed. I only made it to The Stack once during its lifespan. The menu had quirky touches like deep-fried potato skins. The ribs were St. Louis style and the sausage could be eaten sliced or chunked. The Stack opened in 2012 at 8920 Wornall Road, the location that previously held Smokestack Bar-B-Q.

Greedy Man’s Bar-B-Que & Grill (5536 Troost) was one of a few places in town that would slather a steak and cheese in barbecue sauce. They served up hot and spicy wings and sweet baked beans that were thick with molasses. The restaurant, which started as a sandwich truck called Greedy Man’s Lunch Box, was open for four years.

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