Mixtapes & Mixology is back on September 15

mixtapesandmixology_feature_no1Mixtapes & Mixology, our mash-up of the local music and cocktail scene, is back and it’s better than ever. First, the final episode of a four-part podcast series drops today over on our partner’s site, The Bridge. Then, Mixtapes & Mixology, the live event returns on September 15 at Californos.

But what is Mixtapes & Mixology, Recommended Daily? 

Great question. It started as an event in 2014, where we paired local bartenders and local bands, to get folks excited for the Paris of the Plains Festival. We asked each bartender to pick a track and then design a drink based on how the song made them feel. The event was delightful and the booze was plentiful. It was kind of like going to two weddings back-to-back with open bars. We liked the concept, but knew it had to evolve slightly for everyone’s sake.

So, what is Mixtapes & Mixology today?  

There is the joy, reader (and hopefully drinker and music lover). Mixtapes & Mixology was reborn this year through our partnership with KCPT, Flatland (KCPT’s Digital Magazine), and 90.9 The Bridge. It’s now a four-episode podcast and a live event. The podcast lets you dive into the world behind the stage and behind the bar. The live event lets you try the drinks featured in the podcast and hear two live bands.

Tell me more about the podcast. 

Now you can binge listen, which is how humans want to consume podcasts. The fourth episode, of season one, drops today. You can download it over on The Bridge or find it on iTunes. Each episode features an interview with a local band about how they got on stage, a live acoustic version of their featured song, and an interview with the bartender about their history. We also ask them to make us a drink. If you want to nerd out a bit more, we’ve also got videos of those, as well as videos and recipes for each cocktail.

Episode 1: Ivory Black and Zac Snyder

Episode 2: Jessica Paige and Casey Bond

Episode 3: BLKFLANL and Ryan Maybee

Episode 4: Yes You Are and Kenny Cohrs

Kenny Cohrs has invented a watermelon and pineapple pina colada for Mixtapes & Mixology.

Kenny Cohrs has invented a watermelon and pineapple pina colada for Mixtapes & Mixology.

And the live event? 

It’s from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at Californos. Your ticket gets you six drink samples, small bites, and live performances by Jessica Paige and Ivory Black. Meet the bartenders featured in the podcast. Try their drinks and discover what happens when spirits and music intertwine.

Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender is the founder of The Recommended Daily.

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